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A Review Funnel system gives customers options when asking them for a review.

It starts with a dedicated customer satisfaction website that you invite all customers to visit.

When you ask for a review they are met with a simple way to rank their experience: was it Good or Bad?

If it was good they are immediately invited to give a full review on a number of popular review websites like Google and Facebook.

If the customer says it was a bad experience, while still invited to give a review they are also given the option to immediately send a message directly to you (the store owner or manager) with their concerns.

For customers who truly wish to be helpful, this lets them directly inform you in a non-confrontational way that there was a problem, and vent their frustration in an immediate but non-public way that allows them to feel heard without doing unintended harm to your reputation.

This lets them help you to know where there might be training opportunities or room for improvement.

In addition, all this gives you a direct and easy way to reply to them and to let them know that you heard them and also to provide a way to make right a bad experience.

When customers feel they are heard and that you are taking their concerns seriously their respect for you will increase and they will not only return again to give you another chance but tell their friends and family about how well you handled their critique.

And this way a review funnel will help you keep customers, get new customers, and avoid unnecessary damage to your public online reputation.

Review Funnel

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