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Get Found

Available tools and services include:

  • SEO/Local SEO

  • Higher Search Ranking

  • Advertising

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Impress Customers

Available tools and services include:

  • Customer feedback funnel

  • Professional website

  • Unlimited Google review responses

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Retain Customers

Available tools and services include:

  • Social media management, post creation, and post scheduling

  • Custom email creation and campaigns

  • Texting Campaigns

How it works

The Review Funnel

Use provided stickers and cards to bring customers to your funnel.

Customers choose a rating from 1 to 5 stars.

Customers who choose 1 to 3 stars are encouraged to give direct feedback to the owner

A higher star rating will invite the customer to give a public review on Google or Facebook

Recover unhappy customers

When customers give you feedback, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to recover them instead of losing them forever.

Collect emails

When customers enter their information into the funnel, they are given the choice to opt-in to receive emails and updates from you. Emails give you the power to fuel your campaigns now and in the future.

See an example review funnel here.

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