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Customer Voice Review Funnel

Customer Voice allows you send email requests for reviews, host the funnel through a widget on your own existing website, or use your custom request stickers to direct your customers to your own easy-to-access hosted Listing Website.

Review Request Sticker Packs

Custom stickers shipped directly to you to put on receipts and to-go orders.

Listing Builder

A tool to quickly publish and maintain accurate information about your Business on your Google Business Profile, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts Access

An easy-to-type location for customers to access your hosted Review Funnel.

Review Response Dashboard

See and respond to all reviews in one place.

Competitive Benchmarking

Compare yourself to other local businesses.

Google Q&A

Respond to and add to Google Q&A

Business Mentions

Know when your business is mentioned across the web: News sites, blogs, social networks.

Employee Monitoring

Get notified whenever an employee says anything about your business.

Interactive Reports

Executive reports break down how your business is faring in online conversations and helps you understand what to do.

Onboarding call

Our team will conduct an onboarding call with you to gather additional information needed,

Approval process for negative reviews

Negative Review responses are drafted within 2 business days of our system pulling them in. Once drafted, an approval email is sent to the business contact for approval. If we do not receive feedback within 1 business day, we will go ahead and publish the response.

Review responses

Positive Review responses are published within 2 business days of our system pulling them in.




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