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What you need to know to get found online.

According to a Think With Google study, 76% of people who use their smartphones to search for a business nearby visit a store within a day. That's a lot of potential customers. If you're not easy to find online, you're missing out on new customers.

Do you know if you are easy to find online?

Some business owners mistakenly believe that web searches work on a random lottery system. They think, "If I make a website and hope for the best, I'm sure I'll be on top of the search results sometimes."

That is not the case. Your websites only go up in the results as a result of doing the right things. If a competitor is ahead of you in the search rankings, it's not due to bad luck. It's because they did something to improve their ranking, and you didn't.


While most understand that Google and other search engines do their best to show you what they think you want, not everybody understands quite how that works.

One significant way is that they give priority to specific business directories based on how popular and reliable they are.

When information about your business in those directories matches multiple sources, it tells the search engines that this is probably reliable information that searchers want to see. As a result, websites and reviews that line up with that information are then pushed higher in the rankings. They are much easier to find!

When there is wrong information listed about your business, search engines decide that the listing will confuse people. The conclusion reached is that searchers don't want to see it. To keep their reputation as a search engine that shows relevant results, they won't show your confusing pages.

If you want people to find you, the most important thing you can do is be represented accurately on local online directories.

This process is what Local Search Engine Optimization (or local SEO) is all about. With correct listings, you can give your findability a severe upgrade.

Without applying good local SEO practices, however, you could be quite unfindable when your listing is swept away to page 8, where nobody is looking. In its place, Google will choose more accurate listings to display; and those listings will not be yours.

One of the enormous challenges with keeping Local Directories accurate is that many of them allow any visitor to make changes without first getting the owner's permission! This ability to change listings on a whim often leads to mismatched and inaccurate listings, which will then damage your search ranking.

Another big challenge is that many of these Key Directories share information. Who shares with whom seems to be changing all the time. It's a challenge to keep up. One changed directory can affect many. Just because you have fixed directory listings today doesn't mean someone, well-meaning or otherwise, will not hijack them tomorrow.

You could do all of this work yourself to make sure everything is as it should be. However, we're confident you'll save time, money, and peace of mind by letting us do it for you.

With our Essential Local SEO service, we'll:

  • Set up over 40 vital connections to get you listed.

  • Create required accounts

  • Correct harmful listings

  • Remove duplicate listings

  • Fill out forms

  • Optimize and manage and monitor listings on an ongoing basis.

  • Generate reports so you can see how you're doing.

  • Stay on the lookout for additional directories that apply to your business.

We know how much time everything takes to set up and to keep up.

We also understand that you have other important things that only you can do for your business to keep it unique.

Unlike some other companies that offer Local SEO services, we do not require you pay for extra features that don't apply to your needs.

Everything we do has one goal: to help you to get and keep More Great Customers.

We do have additional services to help with that goal, and we invite you to learn more about our other services as well.

Talk to a representative today!

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