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Get Chosen. 

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Customer Reviews Are The Single Most Effective Marketing Strategy

People trust online reviews as much as their friends.

Elevate your business above local competitors! In the digital landscape, potential customers often ask, "Why choose you?" The answer lies in the statistics:

When faced with equally appealing options, customers gravitate toward businesses with:

  • Higher Star Ratings in Reviews

  • More Online Reviews

  • Consistent, Current, and Ongoing Reviewers

Empower your business with our "Get Chosen Campaigns." These powerful tools will enhance each of these factors, ensuring that your business becomes the preferred choice, winning over customers regularly against your competitors.

How it works

Use provided stickers and cards to bring customers to your funnel.

Customers choose a rating from 1 to 5 stars.

Customers who choose 1 to 3 stars are encouraged to give direct feedback to the owner

A higher star rating will invite the customer to give a public review on Google or Facebook

What is the time frame to make any suggestions or edits to the suggested negative review response?

You have 24 hours to make any edits or suggestions to the response. If we do not hear from you within this time frame, we will post the response on your behalf.

What kind of content will you include in my review responses?

Positive review responses will be personalized and tailored to the review content. Negative reviews will be apologetic, frame the business in a positive note and invite the reviewer to take the conversation offline.

Does this service cover review responses in another language?

No. With Review Responses Unlimited, we will only respond to reviews in English.

Do you monitor comments after a review response is posted?

We respond to your reviews, but we do not monitor those conversations any further after responding.

Will you respond to my existing review backlog?

Review Responses Unlimited only covers reviews posted after your account's initial start date.

Can I still personally respond to my reviews?

Absolutely. If you see a review that you want to specifically address, you are more than welcome to post your own response. If our team sees you have already responded to a review we will mark this task as completed in our system.


Most customers don’t actually want to hurt your business. They either want their problem to be solved or they want to be heard.


What do I say when a customer gives feedback?

The customer is always right - even when they’re wrong.

 Apologize, ask for a second chance and offer them an incentive to come back.

What if the customer is rude when they give feedback?

It’s never worth your time to argue with a rude person.  Give the same or similar message. However, a customer who gives polite feedback is significantly more likely to be recovered.

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How it works

Onboarding call.

Approval process for negative reviews.

Review Responses

Responding to every review, positive or negative, is key to establishing a happy customer base. When customers take the time out of their day to leave a kind review, it is in your best interest to make sure those customers feel seen and heard.

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Questions? We’ll help you out.

Ask about More Great Customers Products, Pricing and Solutions.

Recover unhappy customers

When customers give you feedback, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to recover them instead of losing them forever.

Collect emails

When customers enter their information into the funnel, they are given the choice to opt-in to receive emails and updates from you. Emails give you the power to fuel your campaigns now and in the future.

See an example review funnel here.

Customer Feedback Funnel 

If asked, 70% of customers will leave a review.

Unlimited Review Responses**

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