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Get Found

Available tools and services include:

  • SEO/Local SEO

  • Higher Search Ranking

  • Advertising

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Impress Customers

Available tools and services include:

  • Customer feedback funnel

  • Professional website

  • Unlimited Google review responses

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Retain Customers

Available tools and services include:

  • Social media management, post creation, and post scheduling

  • Custom email creation and campaigns

  • Texting Campaigns

How Do We Improve Your Online Reputation?

The Review Funnel

Custom-printed stickers with QR-Code web links bring customers directly to your unique branded Review Portal at

Customers choose a rating from 1 to 5 stars.

Customers who choose 1 to 3 stars are encouraged to give direct feedback to the owner

A higher star rating will invite the customer to give a public review on Google and other popular platforms.

Reclaim Unhappy Customers

When customers give you feedback, it’s the perfect opportunity let them know that their concerns were heard, and that you value them as a customer. This is a proven way to not just retain customers, but to strengthen their loyalty to your business. 

See the Review Funnel

Explore an interactive example of the review funnel here.

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If your snapshot report reveals areas where your business could use some assistance, here are some key ways our team and tools are able to make a difference:

All of these tools will be accessible under a single easy to use online dashboard. No more flipping back and forth between several different apps, services, and logins!

In addition to the highly effective Review Funnel System, More Great Customers provides a whole integrated system of proven tools and methods to improve your online findability and reputation, all working towards the goal of getting more new customers into your business.


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Customer Advisor 


Vice President of Technology

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